Delivering more than luxurious fabrics

The Charles Clayton name already speaks for the quality of our luxurious worsted suiting fabrics throughout the world.

By weaving the finest count yarns, often mixing the highest quality merino wool with other luxury noble fibres such as cashmere and silk, we bring you some of the finest, most luxurious worsted cloths. Cloths that are subtly stylish, a pleasure to work into garments, perform consistently and drape well. Garments tailored from Charles Clayton cloth are uplifting and inspiring to wear.

What a bold claim to make! You’ll always find us straight-forward, knowledgeable and easy to deal with – it’s just our way. We take pride in our service to our customers.

A number of factors work in our favour and result in us being able to deliver both competitive prices and fabulously consistent quality.

Based in West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire is acknowledged as the birthplace of fine worsteds. It is still renowned worldwide for the quality of its cloths. But of course location alone doesn’t ensure quality or efficiency.

Our dedicated team of craftsmen and women are the product of a regional heritage and the passing down of skills and experience through the generations. Their commitment to ensuring the quality of every piece is reflected in the finished cloth you receive and the look of the garments you create.

You can trust Charles Clayton to deliver for you in that way.

charles clayton made in england

In-house design creates a unique handwriting

Our discerning customers recognise the look and feel of our cloths – it is a unique handwriting that speaks of the luxury and quality.

Through consistent leadership in our talented in-house design team, our look remains elegantly understated and quintessentially British. Always with an eye to the latest trends and styles, the team can also refer back to our extensive archive to create collections and bespoke, individual designs that will excite you and your customers.

charles clayton in house design

Small and responsive

The Charles Clayton business doesn’t claim to be one of the biggest in the world. Our knowledgeable base of loyal customers recognise we prefer to spend time working closely together and that we deliver an excellent and personal service.

Our size also means that we can be nimble and responsive in developing something exclusive and unique for you and in being as flexible as we can to accommodate your requirements.

With new leadership our aim is to build an even greater reputation for being a valued and reliable partner as well as the maker of the finest worsteds.

charles clayton small and responsive

Strength through Textile Excellence

Charles Clayton is now part of Luxury Fabrics and the SIL Holdings group of companies. Our ethos is completely in line with that of the group – Textile Excellence.

The Charles Clayton brand will keep its individuality and design independence whilst being able to serve customers like you better through financial strength as well as the ability to buy effectively, manufacture efficiently and make available the extensive range of collection and stock service fabrics at such accessible prices.

The group also provides vertical expertise right along the supply chain from raw fibre to finished fabric.

charles clayton textile excellence

We are waiting to work with you

The result of these strengths is a range of luxurious fabrics and stock-service cloths that we’re sure will exceed your expectations, and yet be accessible for you to cost-effectively make into the most elegant of garments.